Relationship Consultations


Gain insights into your relationships with a consultation with both Margaret and Armand.

The advantages of a joint consultation with Margaret and Armand include the following:

  •       Two sets of professional qualifications, skills and experience
  •        A wider set of cultural and gender perspectives
  •        Greater objectivity



Choose this consultation if you want a deeper insight into your own relationship patterns. We'll explore the natal chart to outline potentials, then move into both retrospective and prospective timing. Appropriate for clients that are in relationships or are between partnership, this consultation is up to an hour and a half in length. $180.




This consultation is for couples. We'll cover the relationship dynamics of each partner, then focus on the dynamics of the relationship itself, using a variety of astrological techniques (synastry, composite, progressions, etc.). We'll highlight the possibilities and challenges within the relationship, and strategies that each offer for growth and evolution. This consultation is up to two hours in length. $280.




This consultation is ideal for all families including: parent and child (all ages), extended families, blended families, merged families, step families... We'll explore ways of working creatively and constructively with repeating patterns within family dynamics which come to light in the individual and family charts. The length and number of consultations  required depends on the number of people and charts involved in the process. This will also determine the cost. Both will be agreed before our initial meeting. 


Business or

Sometimes it's necessary to get deeper insights into the workings of a business, private practice, or other kind of organization. Recognizing the unique set of skills, abilities, and perceptions that each member brings to a team is crucial for harmonious and productive functioning. Appropriate for 3 - 6 people, this consultation is about 2 - 2.5 hours. $400.