March 23rd & 24th 2019

2nd International Astrology Congress, Lisbon, Portugal.

Joint Presentation:
Breaking up and Making up, key relationship timing points.
Today we’ll explore how stressful transits to the individual and midpoint composite chart can signal challenges to go deeper in a relationship or to end a relationship. We’ll use examples from client and prominent couples. Further information at:

March 27th 2019 Dublin, Ireland
Astrology Ireland is delighted to welcome Armand Diaz Ph.D., back
to Dublin to talk about: Separating Aspects: The Astrology of Break-
ups, Separations, and Divorce. More information at:

April 24th 2019 Los Angeles NCGR Chapter
I Love the Person, But the Relationship is Driving Me Crazy!
We often feel a strong connection to someone, but have difficulty
maintaining a healthy relationship. Find out why even strong
attractions in our synastry with others might not be enough to make
a relationship work.

April 27th 2019

San Francisco Astrological Association Day Workshop, San Francisco, California

Making Up and Breaking Up: Changing Times in Relationships
The challenges of going deeper in a relationship - or leaving it behind - are reflected by astrological transits and progressions. In this workshop, we’ll look at the dynamics of partnerships using synastry and the composite chart, and then move on to the stress points that can signal a time of decisions and transformation. Participants are encouraged to bring their own charts as examples and preferably to email them to us at at least two weeks ahead of the workshop. Further information at:

June 13th - 16th 2019

The 51st Annual Conference of the Astrological Association 
13th - 16th June 2019 Wyboston Lakes, Near Cambridge, UK

An Astrological History of Sexuality
Using the outer planets as a guide to generational ideals and assumptions, we’ll follow the transformation of attitudes about sexuality in the West since the discovery of Uranus, with an emphasis on astrological generations of the past fifty years. We'll also look at how current and upcoming transits can support us in creating a more inclusive and life enhancing experience of sexuality for everyone. 
Further information at:

Webinars and Workshops 2018:

June 2018 Cinastro: Joint Webinar
I Love the Person, But the Relationship is a Struggle! 
Synastry and the midpoint composite chart each offer valuable insights into relationship dynamics. We can get a better sense of each person’s perception of the relationship when we examine the synastry between each individual’s chart and the composite chart. Subtle, and often hidden, challenges and opportunities emerge when we step back to take this perspective.

Sept 2nd 2018: Joint Day Workshop in Dublin, Ireland
Compatibility in Relationships Pt. 1
Is it true that Aries can’t get along with Capricorn or Gemini with Cancer? 
While we often think of astrological compatibility in terms of Sun Signs, there is much more to the picture. Join us for this workshop and find out how your Sun Moon, Mercury and Rising Sign also affect your romantic partnerships, as well as your relationships with family, friends and work colleagues. Feel free to let us know if you would like to volunteer your chart and the chart of someone close to you on the day. 
This is Day 1 of a series on Compatibility in Relationships. We will lay the groundwork using relationship techniques including synastry and composite charts.

ISAR Nov 4th 2018: Joint Webinar
Evolving Sexuality, dissolving the boundaries of sexual identity. How might this change our work with couples?
Without a doubt, our understanding as a collective of both gender and sexuality has been undergoing a radical transformation over the past few decades. In this webinar we will explore the relationship between these changes and the transits of the outer planets. We will look at the role of these planetary energies in helping us understand the evolving nature of gender and sexuality. We will also consider the role they play in helping us to find ways to integrate more fluid concepts of gender identity and more flexible experiences of sexuality. We look forward to sharing our thoughts on how this may change some of our ways of working with individuals and couples as Relationship Astrologers.