Venus has some difficult business to take care of this week...

Venus is the planet we most directly associate with love, beauty, and relationship. To be honest, she may have a somewhat rough week ahead, with two serious meetings in the sky. First, she meets up with Chiron - the asteroid we associate with both wounding and healing - on Wednesday. Then she goes on to square Saturn at the new moon on Friday.

The action may begin on Monday, when the upbeat Sagittarius moon squares Venus. Hopes and enthusiasm may falter, perhaps just long enough to let us know that something's up. As Venus/Chiron suggests ongoing wounds, we may have the emotional equivalent of biting that same part of lip that we bit yesterday, or stubbing an already-sore toe. 

Venus/Chiron holds the potential to open up old wounds, for the process of clearing and cleaning them. While ultimately healing and healthy, the process could involve some pain. The strategy is to maintain awareness of what you're thinking and feeling, without judging, accepting, or rejecting it.

Of course, not all of us will have troubles in our actual, current relationships. In fact, many of us will be internally revisiting past relationships and ongoing relationship patterns. As we are winding down to the new moon, much of this process will be quite internal - especially as Venus is also entering the shadow of her retrograde this week, further bringing us back to the past.

Whatever comes up and is processed during the week will have to stand before Saturn on Friday. Venus' square to Saturn usually demands a decision - do we take things to another level, stop where we are, take a step back, or let go? With this square happening at the new moon, the decisions we make might very well stick - this is certainly no time to play break up to make up games. 

If you're not currently in a relationship, this week's energy may be somewhat challenging. Venus in Pisces has many excellent qualities, but with aspects to Chiron and Saturn there is some danger of feeling hopeless and helpless. Try not to be overly discouraged - it's really a time to decide what you really want and need in your love life, and to discard what isn't essential.

- Armand