Don't Judge...

Venus is having a tough time of it this week, what with her meeting with Chiron (see below) and her square to Saturn, which is exact at the new moon on Friday.

In general, a Venusian square to Saturn suggests a time of judgement, all the more so with the processing we've been doing thanks to Chiron. For those in a relationship, it may be time to either let go, or to commit and go deeper. Having brought our feelings about things to the surface, it seems time to judge - and Saturn can indeed put pressure on us to make a decision. At this new moon in Aquarius that has so much to do with long-range plans, decisions made now may indeed be hard to reverse.

Yet there is another side to this story that needs to be acknowledged. Venus is entering the shadow of her retrograde just after her meeting with Saturn. In terms of relationship, Venus' retrograde is a kind of cosmic do-over, a chance to reassess and reevaluate. Thus, decisions made under Saturnian pressure may come up for review over the next few months - and regrets could come with our reappraisals. 

So, if you really know what you want - really, really know it - then this is a very good time to plant seeds for the future, whether that means going forward or stepping back. But if you're just reacting to the Saturnian pressure to do something, to make a decision, to clear the matter up, it may be best to suspend judgement. Tell Saturn you're sorry, but you'll have to get back to him after Venus goes direct. He won't be happy, and you may feel you're ducking your responsibilities, but you may avoid a bad case of buyer's remorse in your relationship.