Giving All to Love...

And other questionable ideas...

It's not that love doesn't require us to give our all, or that our relationships don't require work. These are important prerequisites, and we need to work at our relationships just like anything else, and the amount of energy we devote to them is usually proportional to the way they manifest. Ignore a relationship, and it will wither like that African Violet you forgot about when you went on holiday.

But there are times when we may be tempted to give a little too much to our partnerships, and this week (roughly 5th - 7th January) is one of those times. That's because Venus is meeting the south node of the moon in Pisces on January 6th. When the planet of love and relationship gets too close to the south node, it can bring about the more problematic aspects of Venus in any sign. 

In Pisces, there may be a tendency to sacrifice too much for love, to give too much to your partner or to your ideal of the partnership. You could also feel the need to 'save' your partner - whether or not they want or even need saving. 

Expectations could be running very high. You may be ready to invest everything in someone new, or you may be sure that if you just try harder, your partner will come around and be the perfect person you've imagined they could be. 

And then there's the other side of the coin: hopelessness. Those who aren't in a relationship may feel that they will be forever lonely. Those that have lost a partner may pine and lament the loss.  A problem for Venus in Pisces is that even the pain of loss can be something of an addiction, something you don't want to lose, because it gives you a sense of meaning.

Piscean highs and lows can be very dramatic, and over the next few days we're likely to be feeling them in the area of relationship. With the Sun meeting Pluto as Venus conjuncts the node, power plays, jealousy, and subtexts may make it hard to be honest and above board.

By all means, enjoy yourself and make the most of this powerful, creative, and dramatic time. But if you find yourself obsessing over relationship and your partner, maybe it's time to back off. Ask yourself: is this enriching me or draining me? Do I feel stronger or am I exhausted? Am I enjoying my emotional investment, or am I hoping that if I try just a little harder it will start to pay off.  

And then act accordingly. You don't always have to give everything for love.