We're just getting started with our new website, and will begin blog posts soon!

In the mean time, have a look around the site and read about our consultations and course offerings.

We are offering a two-level training in Relationship Astrology. Appropriate for professionals and intermediate to advanced students, we'll begin with a six week course in the Foundations of Relationship Astrology, then move on to a year-long intensive on New Paradigms in Relationships. It's fine to take only the foundation course - although we hope you'll consider moving on to the second level after completing the first.

With these courses, you'll learn how to work with charts from many perspectives and using a variety of tools. This will help you in your relationship work with clients, as well as helping you to gain a deeper insight into your own relationship patterns.

Margaret and Armand are happy to have been selected to write a chapter on relationship astrology for an upcoming anthology on astrological techniques from the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA). That book should be out in late 2017 or early 2018.

So, no blog posts for now - but we're busy!