Me time and We time

No one has a website entitled Relationships and Astrology without putting a priority on partnership, romance, and love, so believe me: I understand. But this week it may be best to give yourself and your partner a bit of space.

That’s especially true at the beginning of the week, as the Sun makes a square to freedom-oriented Uranus, who’s in independent Aries. The Sun and Uranus are likely to get along with, considering the sign combinations involved, but it’s probably an energy that is best used by each of us in our own way. Cooperation may be at a minimum, and patience... well patience will be hard to come by in many places. 

Just to be clear: this isn’t a bad energy, it’s just that we’re more likely to each be doing our own thing.

And what’s wrong with that? Sometimes it’s nice to have a little ‘me’ time. Even if you’re just doing errands, sometimes you want to go at your own pace, have a discussion with yourself, or sing along to the radio without any comments. 

Once in a while, we have to go off and do our own thing in a bigger way, too. I often caution against what I call least common denominator relationships. It goes like this: She likes to ski, he doesn’t like to ski, so no one skis. He likes to dance, she doesn’t like to dance, so no one dances. They both like to watch television, so that’s what they do - watching television is the least common denominator. It's cooperation gone to an extreme.

So, this week, go skiing. Or go dancing. Just remember to let your partner do their thing, too. 

And don’t worry about it. It doesn't mean you don't love each other, or that the relationship is tanking.

When the moon enters Cancer on Wednesday, we may indeed start to regret our independence-orientation. But that’s a blog post for later in the week.

- Armand