The Mars/Pluto Square in Relationships - Best to Breathe, rather than React today...

The exact Mars/Pluto square today, comes on the tail of the New Moon in Scorpio yesterday. Although Venus aspects Pluto early next week, there is a definite shift in energies later in the week – more on this tomorrow!

The challenging reputation of Mars and Pluto coming together, is because they both rule Scorpio. This puts a double emphasis on the surfacing of information and feelings that have been long buried in our unconscious. Both planets are warriors and together they create a formidable force. As Mars is currently in Libra, their focus today is mostly on relationships.

The key issue that is likely to arise in all our relationships is ‘fairness’. Although few relationships can be completely fair and balanced at all times, as our inner and outer lives are constantly fluctuating, if relationships are unbalanced and hence unfair, for long periods of time, they are unlikely to thrive. A fair and well-functioning relationship tends to adjust imbalances over time. For e.g. if one partner does most of the maintenance of the home, the other partner may do more of the food shopping. If a friend is going through a bereavement and needing more emotional support, when they are feeling better, they may offer a listening ear when the other friend is going through a bad patch at work. However, sometimes imbalances are not adjusted within the relationship and resentments build up if this isn’t addressed. This wakes us up to changes that need to happen to create a more balanced relationship.

Today’s square is likely to bring to the surface resentments that have been festering in our key relationships – with our significant other, family, friends, community…As we may not have been fully aware that we were holding onto these frustrations, our anger may come out in totally unrelated circumstances, or we may be at the receiving end of it from others. Being conscious of what is bubbling inside us is particularly important today, to avoid us taking it out on ourselves or others through rows and/or accidents at home or elsewhere. Although we may be tempted to act on our feelings, it’s helpful to keep in mind that we may not have clarity yet on what they are really about. Deep breathing and a nice walk outdoors in nature is likely to be particularly helpful today! MG

For more information on the week ahead which includes Neptune going stationary direct, feel free to have a look at our latest YouTube recording: