29 and Counting...

Venus is swimming through the last degree of Pisces today, a final swell of emotional energy before she enters outgoing, provocative, and exciting Aries (more on that soon). At the very end of the very last sign of the zodiac, Venus is likely to be bringing up partnership issues, past and present.

For those of us in relationships, we may be thinking of where we are and how we got here - as well as where we are heading. Romantic dreams may mix with our deepest fears, taking us on a ride through promising and threatening feelings. Those of us who are single may imagine the dream lover, or fall into the despair of hopelessness.

Most of us will have less extreme version of these poles of hope and despair, but it's a good idea to remember that we're seeing through the exaggerated fish-eye mirror of Pisces, where things can seem far better or worse than they otherwise might.

With the moon in Aries and Mercury/Jupiter square in the sky today, we can easily distract ourselves with work, play, or chattiness. But a minute to sit and breathe through challenging feelings may be a better strategy.

The air of finality that comes with 29 degrees Pisces is also something of an illusion - Venus is in the shadow of her retrograde and will be revisiting this point through the end of April. Whatever it is you're dealing with - good, bad, or otherwise - will be back for more review and processing, sooner than you may expect.