Neptune Retrograde and Relationships June 16th – Nov 21st 2017

The only way love can last a lifetime is if it's unconditional. The truth is this: love is not determined by the one being loved but rather by the one choosing to love.
― Stephen Kendrick

Tomorrow Neptune in Pisces will stop its forward motion as it turns stationary Retrograde. This 5 month period occurs once a year, when Neptune the mythological god of the ocean, symbolically appears to travel backwards in the sky. This gives us an opportunity us to re-view and re-consider the core themes of Neptune in Pisces in our lives right now.

Core Themes in Relationships for Neptune in Pisces :
The main core theme is unconditional love for ourselves and others and the next few months is an ideal time to creatively re-consider what this means to us. Who offers this to us in our life right now? Who do we offer it to? Was this available for us as children? How able are we to extend it to ourselves and others in our life?

Other important themes to consider are:
·       Dependencies in our life – including dependencies on substances, people, money, food, work etc. How big a role do they play in our life? What are we attempting to numb within ourselves? What are they compensating for? How connected do we feel with the 'spiritual' and creative dimensions of life?
·       Co-dependency patterns in relationships. What is our avoidance of full emotional, mental, physical and sexual intimacy based on? What parts of ourself feel underdeveloped – as yet?
·       Victim/savior patterns. Who did we need to ‘rescue’ as a child? What are we seeking to be rescued from? Are we willing to fully own our power now?

Issues that may come to the surface during this time from our past and current relationships may include: betrayal, idealization, evasiveness, avoidance, grief, disillusionment, disappointment, dreams, hopes, potentials…

As Neptune in Pisces is a pre-verbal energy, we may find it easier to explore the above themes using imaginative tools, as well as dream-work and meditation. The logical mind is unlikely to yield much during this time!  

This transit is more likely to impact our relationships if Neptune is Retrograding in our natal 5, 7th or 8th houses of relationships! 
Margaret Gray June 2017