The Sun Quincunx Pluto in Relationships - Seeking the Truth

The intensity is sky high today, together with a general sense of discomfort. The pressure to get to the truth of matters leaves us little room for light relief within ourselves and in our relationships. But what is the truth? Our version of situations and events or other people’s? What do we do about it, even if we get to the bottom of it – assuming we really want to know? 

Right now there is still a lot of confusion about, so it may be best to hold off on making major life changing decisions in any of our relationships, particularly with the buildup to the Full Moon on Monday.  

Feelings matter a lot today, so check in with yourself – what am I feeling right now? Is this a primary feeling (e.g. hurt) or a secondary feeling (e.g. anger about feeling hurt)? Is there someone trustworthy and emphatic that you can express it to?

Having our feelings mirrored back can help heal the times they weren’t heard in our early years. There will be ample time to express things to our significant other and/or family members in the weeks to come. For now, our journal and our best friend may be a lot easier to connect with! MG  

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Key astrology for the day: 

Sun/Pluto quincunx
Mars/Neptune trine
Mercury/Mars conjunction (3° orb)
Mercury/Saturn opposition (4° orb)
Mercury/Neptune trine (4° orb)
Mars/Jupiter quincunx (1° orb)
Mars/Saturn opposition (1° orb)
Mars/Pluto opposition (4° orb)
Saturn/Pluto conjunction (3° orb)