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New One Year Certificate Course on The Astrology of Relationships



Coming in Jan 2019
New one year Comprehensive Certificate Course on The Astrology of Relationships, including a section on The Emerging Paradigm of Soul Centered Loving Relationships

This new innovative course is aimed at astrologers who would like to work in a soul-centered way with clients in the arena of relationships.
All the basics of Relationship Astrology will be covered in this comprehensive course. We will also explore what this new emerging paradigm entails and what it requires from us in all our relationships, including: intimate partnerships, family connections, friendships, acquaintances, community connections and work relationships. Over the year we will look at our role as astrologers with this new paradigm and how we can best facilitate the emerging changes with our clients.

The course will include weekly recorded webinars, online facilitated discussion groups every term and a facebook group forum.  

Introducing an innovative One Year Online Course in Relationship Astrology with a focus on a New Relationship Paradigm!

Relationships are a key feature of all our lives including intimate partnerships, family, and friendships, as well as work and community relationships. It’s not surprising that they are a core area in any astrologer’s work. Yet there is little specialized training in relationship astrology in our field – until now!

This course is ideal for intermediate/advanced students of astrology, professional astrologers, and anyone who is passionate about astrology and would like to gain a deeper insight into relationship astrology. You will learn in-depth skills to work with your own relationships as well as with clients. While romantic relationships are a key focus of the course, you’ll also learn about working with parent/child, coworker, friendships, creative partners, and other relationship forms. Whilst covering the core foundations of Relationship Astrology, this dynamic innovative course aims to also address the evolving nature of gender, sexuality, and relationships, and offers ways we can support clients towards creating new heart-centred relationships based on a new relationship paradigm.

The course is offered online via pre-recorded presentations which you can access on your own schedule, and is composed of two 8-week terms and one 10 week term. The third term includes presentations by skilled relationship astrologers from around the world. Self-study via recorded lectures is augmented by online class discussions via group chat, plus one live group supervision session per term and a 1:1 tutorial with Margaret or Armand. Each term includes a term assignment that is completed on the student’s own time schedule. Students who successfully complete all three terms will receive a certificate of accomplishment in Relationship Astrology.

Prerequisite knowledge includes a basic working knowledge of astrology: planets, signs, houses, and aspects. Familiarity with doing chart analysis is required, and some experience in doing actual astrology consultations is ideal, although not a requirement. No prior experience with synastry or composite charts is necessary, although it is helpful.

Course Schedule:

Term 1: Relationship and The Self
          January 11th – March 1st, 2019

Term 2: Bringing the Charts Together and focusing on a New Relationship Paradigm
          March 15th – May 3rd, 2019

Term 3: Beyond the Basics (with Guest Presentations)
          May  17th – July 19th, 2019

Term 1 – Relationship and the Self
8 one-hour sessions
Introduction to relationship astrology, focusing on understanding the individual and their relationship potentials and patterns, as well as how transits and progressions modify these over time to open up new possibilities. Included are an overview of the entire course; debunking misconceptions about relationship astrology; history of approaches to relationship astrology, introduction to the concepts of love, desire, sexuality, gender, and anima and animus in a changing world. While this term covers some basic astrological concepts, the approach is centered on relationship astrology with an expanded and amplified view of familiar topics such as planets, signs, and houses.

1.     The houses in the chart relevant to relationships. Different types of relationships in different houses.
2.     Moon and Mercury
3.     Mars and Venus
4.     Jupiter and Saturn
5.     The Sun
6.     The Transpersonals, Part 1: Uranus and Pluto
7.     The Transpersonals, Part 2: Neptune Chiron   (Transits to and from these planets in the individual chart and aspects)
8.     Progressions

Term 2 Bringing the Charts Together
8 one-hour sessions
This is a very practical term that builds on Term 1. The focus is on deepening skills in the use of core techniques of relationship astrology including the use of synastry, composite charts, and the progressed and relocated composite charts. The New Paradigm of heart centered relationships will also be explored in some depth as a way forward in relationships. 

1.     Synastry Part 1
2.     Synastry Part 2
3.     The Midpoint Composite Chart
4.     Transits to the Midpoint Composite Chart
5.     The Progressed and Relocated Composite Charts.
6.     Synastry between each natal charts and the Midpoint Composite Chart.
7.     Introducing the New paradigm of spiritual heart centered relationships Part 1
8.     The New Paradigm of spiritual heart centered relationships Part 2

Term 3 – Additional Relationship Considerations
This term offers the opportunity to focus on some of the core issues that often arise in relationship astrology work. Prominent international astrologers in this field present talks in their areas of specialty, which may well lead you to do further research in your particular area of interest. 

1.     Gender and Sexuality in Relationships – Margaret Gray & Armand Diaz
2.     Separation, Divorce and Death in Relationships – Armand Diaz
3.     The Timing of Commitments and Marriage in Relationships – April Elliot
4.     Basic Counselling Skills for Working with Couples – Margaret Gray
5.     Relationships and Eclipses - Rick Levine
6.     Working with Addictions in Relationships – Linda Furiate
7.     Asteroids and Relationships – Rachel Lang
8.     Relationships and Children, including Adult Children – Margaret & Armand
9.     Twin Soul Relationships – Margaret Gray & Armand Diaz
10.    Relationships and the Nodes – Nadiya Shah

To mark the launch of this course there is a special tuition offer of the following:
Tuition is US$350 per term, paid in advance of the start of each term. Students who purchase the full three-term course a minimum of one month before the start of the first term, pay a discounted tuition of US$945.

Margaret & Armand
Relationships and Astrology






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1:00 PM13:00


Join us for SEX AND THE SKY: MARS IN YOUR CHART – our 2nd live Webinar in ‘The Planets and Love’ - A new series of one hour online webinars by Relationships and Astrology with Margaret Gray and Armand Diaz.

Sunday, May 21

1:00p EDT (10:00a PDT, 6:00p BST)

Sexuality is an important part of our lives - and our relationships. In this one hour webinar, astrologers Margaret Gray and Armand Diaz will offer insights into sexual expression and compatibility.You’ll learn the role of Mars - the planet associated with sex drive - in your chart and those of your significant others. Participants can send in birth information for themselves and others (up to three total), to find where Mars lands in the charts. Join us for this informative, exciting and fun tour through the signs of the zodiac, and see where Mars wakes up your bedroom!

Cost: $18  Click here to book!  

Everyone who registers will get a free recording of the Webinar!

You can also buy the recording after the Webinar for $20!

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Online Webinar - The Role of Venus in Relationships through each Sign of the Zodiac
12:00 PM12:00

Online Webinar - The Role of Venus in Relationships through each Sign of the Zodiac

During this Venus Retrograde time, we would love you to join us for our first online webinar on 'Love and the Planets' as we explore Venus in Relationship through the different signs of the zodiac!

In this one hour webinar Margaret Gray and Armand Diaz from 'Relationships and Astrology' will explore the role Venus plays in different zodiac signs in significant relationships. 

Venus in your natal chart describes what you value, as well as what brings you pleasure. Understanding the role of Venus in your chart and the chart of your loved one can help create a bridge towards meeting both sets of needs.

This webinar is helpful for individuals who are currently in an intimate relationship, as well as anyone who would like to understand more about past relationships and/or is considering venturing into a new relationship. 

Date: Sunday March 26th 2017
Time: Noon Eastern Time
Cost: $15 – everyone who registers will receive a free copy of the recording
Register by emailing seminars@integralastrology.net
The webinar will take place online via GoToMeeting. Copies will also be available for purchase after the meeting at $20

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Introduction to Relationship Astrology 6 Week Online Course
to Apr 23

Introduction to Relationship Astrology 6 Week Online Course

This course will start on Sunday March 12th at 3pm EST and end on Sunday March 30th EST. There will be a two week gap between the 5th and final session to allow you time to complete an assignment. As the course will be recorded, you do not have to attend all sessions live. 

Appropriate for professionals and students, this course will be the first level of a one-year certification program in Relationship Astrology. You will learn how to assess relationship potentials and challenges in individuals and couples, and learn the key techniques for relationship interpretation. 

The first version of the course will run from early March to mid-April 2017. This is the 'beta', or trial version, and will be offered at a discount. The exact times that the live portion of the course is presented will depend on student input. Registration before February 10 is $99; afterwards, $120 (still a discount compared to future course offerings).

The course is offered online, and will have a weekly meeting which can be attended live, or watched as a video afterwards. There will be ample opportunities for students to interact with the instructors, ask questions, etc, during the meetings and afterwards. An online chatroom will be used so that students and instructors can interact throughout the week, and there will be assignments that can be worked on independently or in groups.

Email relationshipast@gmail.com for more information.

Course Tutors: Margaret Gray and Armand Diaz

An Introductory 6 week online course  - 1 hour per week

Week 1: Exploring a psychological and soul centered perspective in Relationships and Astrology. Overview of planets and houses in relationship astrology. 

Week 2: Introducing the tools of Synastry and Composite charts
Focusing on relationship needs in the individual chart. Looking at the use of synastry in relationships from a Psychological and soul centered perspective. 

Week 3: Focusing on the use of the composite chart in relationships from a psychological and soul centered perspective.

Week 4: Looking at the meaning of transits to the composite chart – particularly transpersonal transits.  

Week 5: Exploring the progressed and relocated composite chart. Recognizing relationship patterns: complimentary, supplementary, karmic, and more.There will be a two week gap between Week 5 and 6 to allow you time to complete an assignment. The assignment will involve looking at the Relationship Astrology between two people of your choice. 

Week 6: Bringing it all together – chart examples and questions.



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