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Introduction to Relationship Astrology 6 Week Online Course

This course will start on Sunday March 12th at 3pm EST and end on Sunday March 30th EST. There will be a two week gap between the 5th and final session to allow you time to complete an assignment. As the course will be recorded, you do not have to attend all sessions live. 

Appropriate for professionals and students, this course will be the first level of a one-year certification program in Relationship Astrology. You will learn how to assess relationship potentials and challenges in individuals and couples, and learn the key techniques for relationship interpretation. 

The first version of the course will run from early March to mid-April 2017. This is the 'beta', or trial version, and will be offered at a discount. The exact times that the live portion of the course is presented will depend on student input. Registration before February 10 is $99; afterwards, $120 (still a discount compared to future course offerings).

The course is offered online, and will have a weekly meeting which can be attended live, or watched as a video afterwards. There will be ample opportunities for students to interact with the instructors, ask questions, etc, during the meetings and afterwards. An online chatroom will be used so that students and instructors can interact throughout the week, and there will be assignments that can be worked on independently or in groups.

Email for more information.

Course Tutors: Margaret Gray and Armand Diaz

An Introductory 6 week online course  - 1 hour per week

Week 1: Exploring a psychological and soul centered perspective in Relationships and Astrology. Overview of planets and houses in relationship astrology. 

Week 2: Introducing the tools of Synastry and Composite charts
Focusing on relationship needs in the individual chart. Looking at the use of synastry in relationships from a Psychological and soul centered perspective. 

Week 3: Focusing on the use of the composite chart in relationships from a psychological and soul centered perspective.

Week 4: Looking at the meaning of transits to the composite chart – particularly transpersonal transits.  

Week 5: Exploring the progressed and relocated composite chart. Recognizing relationship patterns: complimentary, supplementary, karmic, and more.There will be a two week gap between Week 5 and 6 to allow you time to complete an assignment. The assignment will involve looking at the Relationship Astrology between two people of your choice. 

Week 6: Bringing it all together – chart examples and questions.