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Online Webinar - The Role of Venus in Relationships through each Sign of the Zodiac

During this Venus Retrograde time, we would love you to join us for our first online webinar on 'Love and the Planets' as we explore Venus in Relationship through the different signs of the zodiac!

In this one hour webinar Margaret Gray and Armand Diaz from 'Relationships and Astrology' will explore the role Venus plays in different zodiac signs in significant relationships. 

Venus in your natal chart describes what you value, as well as what brings you pleasure. Understanding the role of Venus in your chart and the chart of your loved one can help create a bridge towards meeting both sets of needs.

This webinar is helpful for individuals who are currently in an intimate relationship, as well as anyone who would like to understand more about past relationships and/or is considering venturing into a new relationship.

Date: Sunday March 26th 2017
Time: Noon Eastern Time
Cost: $15 – everyone who registers will receive a free copy of the recording
Register by emailing
The webinar will take place online via GoToMeeting. Copies will also be available for purchase after the meeting at $20