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Help needed for our Research Project on: The Astrology of Twin Soul Relationships

If you have ever had a twin soul relationship, or are in one now, we would love you to participate in our astrological research.
All we need is the following: 1. the date, place, and exact time of birth for you and your twin soul. 2. The date and time when you first met if you happen to know it. 3. Why you believe they are your twin soul. (Thank you) 

Our definition of twin soul for the purpose of our research is:
A person with whom you have a deep emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and sexual connection. There is an ongoing emotional and psychic connection between you, even if you are no longer together. Twin souls are different from twin flames, where there is a brief passionate encounter that burns itself out. Unlike soul mates, who can be members of your family, twin souls are romantically connected.

Please email us at relationshipast@gmail.com if you would like to participate writing ‘Twin Soul Research’ as the subject. All results will be anonymous for confidentiality. We really appreciate you sharing this far and wide – THANK YOU!  Margaret & Armand